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Post  Pavor on Thu May 28, 2015 6:53 pm

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3 Years

Current Rank:

Desired Rank:

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Small and Fragile frame, but with some muscles to keep her going.

Fur Color:
Tan/Creme color with black markings along her back, and a white muzzle

Eye Color:
Dark Amber

Juniper Berries

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Pavor is sarcastic at times, but is always one that listens to ones concerns and fears. She cares for others to the best of her abilities. She is also very skiddish at first, as she carries severe trust issues. She crosses her T's and dots her I's when it comes to any task, she is determined and respectful to her fullest. Pavor loves to play around and act like a pup. She can be a bit paranoid, always assuming the worst case scenario when it comes to hard times, but in the end, she knows it most likely isn't the case. . . hopefully.

Sun, High Places, Water

Cold, Solitude, Darkness

Counting heads, making sure everyone is there.

Running, Hunting, Talking

Fighting, Staying quiet


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Pavor's pup hood was not the happiest, but not the saddest. She was the second born out of three. Her markings resembling her mother closely. Her brothers resembled her father in every way, tall, strong, handsome, widely built, the list went on in favorable characteristics. For her however, her mother seemed to have less favorable characteristics. Small, fragile, lean frame, anything and everything a wolf didn't want to inherit. While growing up, her mother was growing distant, her elder brother was ignoring her, her father didn't even want to see her. The only thing her father did was name her, and that was a latin word for terror, as that was what he saw when he looked at her eyes. The only one she could ever talk to was her younger brother, Timore. He was named for greatness, as it was their grandfather's name who had passed the day before they were born. Timore stood beside Pavor when no one else would. It was a sad thing really. Not even the elders in the pack would take the time to tell her stories.

She grew up, confiding her fears and doubts into her younger brother, who would always be patient and listen to her. But one day, it all changed. Her mother woke her up that morning, not Timore. She was telling her rapidly that Timore let slip one of her greatest fears, her father knowing she talked to him. Her mother regretted not being there for her only daughter. At one year of age, her father went to the Alpha and made up some lie, and she was banished. Banished. the word itself hit her hard in the gut. She did something defiant a she walked out though, she held her head high and looked her father in the eye with all of the courage she could muster, and told him that he would be sorry, and left. She wandered plains and forests for two years, the solitude taking a toll on her, making her skiddish.

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Trusted Friends:

Callie || Alive || Birth Pack

Reginald || Alive || Birth Pack

Malum: Brother || Alive || Birth Pack

Timore: Brother || Alive || Birth Pack

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Callie, Malum, and Timore, ^^

|| ~ Pavor ~ ||  Z

Pavor as a pup. ^^

Words from Down below

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Post  Rivet on Thu May 28, 2015 6:58 pm

Welcome to the pack, Pavor! Your biography is very nice and stylish and your character sounds epical! I hope to see you in the RP/or in the chat soonish! XDD
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Post  Pavor on Thu May 28, 2015 9:33 pm

Thank you so much! ^^
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Post  Kaia on Sun May 31, 2015 10:41 pm

Awesome character, Pavor! I like his references, especially the puppy ones! Your bio is also really well put together.
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