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This will be a general, non-role-specifc guide for roleplaying in this pack.

First, get yourself acquainted with the territory. I strongly recommend looking over the TERRITORY MAP before roleplaying. I'll emphasize this -- the pack is located in Sikhote-Alinsky Zapovednik Reserve, Primorsky Krai, Russia. If you'd like to read about the reserve, its history, its animals, etc., then I strongly suggest you visit the page of Sikhote-Alinsky Zapovednik, courtesy of .

I'd also advise reading the introduction on all roleplay threads, found in roleplay-specific forums. This will allow you to know the history of the location, as well as any potential predators/prey, if such information is provided.

Finally, before you start roleplaying, please create a biography of your character in MEET THE PACK . The Bio Template will allow you and others to grasp the basics of other characters, as well as your own. Do your best to include all relevant or required information, but the exact method in which you do so is up to you. Creative biographies are good biographies, and chances are, other users will be more likely to read them.

By visiting this forum, you should have already acquainted yourself with the rules of this forum, rules for roleplaying, and the 'Familiar' roles thread. If you have not done so, please do so now.

"Good roleplay" is subjective, just as much as any book, television show, game, etc. is. Some users may be content with a few sentences, some users may be content with posts that are always action-packed, and some users may be content with long novels in the form of roleplay posts.

When roleplaying in this pack, I urge you to do a few things --
ONE - Aim for every roleplay post to have at least one-hundred words or more.
This will allow the roleplay to run at a decent pace, and will also prevent any feelings of "spam roleplay" if the posts are too short or being posted too frequently. With that in mind, try to avoid writing novels; anything around six-hundred words is pushing it, and anything over one-thousand words is certainly too much. If you spread out your character's actions, what they want to say, and so on, this will help others interact on a smoother basis with you, and in turn help prolong the roleplay or any events that might otherwise be going on. See Word Count Tool
TWO - Make your roleplay posts well-written and error-free.
A few errors are fine, but if there are too many, they will detract from your post and what your character is trying to say or do. AVOID USING WOLF-SPEAK ("fae," "brute," "orbs," etc.). It is a trap that many wolf roleplayers fall into; it will not make your post any more interesting or make it seem well-written. A guide to wolfspeak and why you shouldn't use it says everything I needn't repeat.
THREE - Capitalize on any unique traits that your character has or on their personality in every post.
If the traits and personality of your character are clear, then your roleplay posts have more potential to be interesting. If you describe your character as "honest," you certainly wouldn't let gossip or malicious plans go unnoticed in the face of the leader or anyone else, would you? You could either choose to confront them (if your wolf is more aggressive), or choose to quietly relay the information to your leader (if your wolf is more passive). Knowing your character, and knowing their traits, like how true their honesty really is, or where your character is between "agressive" and "passive," can make for interesting roleplay.

Progression bars (the bar under your icon) serve to monitor your progress in the roleplay. You will earn points in 25 point increments until you fill the bar; when that happens, you will be promoted a level, e.g., if you are currently GREEN in your role, you will be promoted to the INTERMEDIATE level. Increment # is subject to change; we'll see how it goes and/or if it progresses too slowly.

[This guide may/may not be fleshed out in the future. Check back frequently for changes if you have questions or need more advice.]
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