Council Elder and Seeker Positions & Applications [CLOSED]

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Council Elder and Seeker Positions & Applications [CLOSED] Empty Council Elder and Seeker Positions & Applications [CLOSED]

Post  Koa on Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:19 pm

Hello everyone,

As promised, I am now accepting applications for Council Elders and a Seeker. Council Elders will be more leadership-heavy in the way of the pack itself and in a more general sense. The Seeker will be an actual leader, along with the Elders, in the roleplay and overall is more roleplay-based.

If you're more of an all-around kind of person and willing to take on more responsibility, I definitely recommend looking into a position as a Council Member. If you care only about the roleplay, then the Seeker is for you.

Questions I have received will be included in this thread, as well as the applications, themselves. Please private message all applications to myself, either on here, or on WolfQuest.

THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS - Not necessarily elders in age, members of the council are respected for their wisdom and understanding of the land. They are the most trusted by the Last Ancient, and are essentially the active, visible leaders of the pack. These wolves are also the most formidable, and, while they cannot face a tiger alone and expect to win, can certainly put up a fight. They are looked upon by both Familiars and Recruits alike, and are highly respected.
Looking for: 2-3 members to fill these positions. If 2 members are selected, extra "areas" will be divided evenly, or according to the Elder's comfort level with handling said area. These are administrative positions.
Each Elder will cover specific areas:

  • General Leadership, Group/Member Management
    This Elder is not above any of the Elders; merely, this individual will help oversee various activities of the pack and will be in charge of admitting new members (though other Elders will have the ability to do so) on the site. This individual should be familiar with group permissions and creating new forums, as well as performing IP checks in the case of a potential troll. They will also observe activity levels of pack members in a general sense, and will be in charge of booting out inactive members on the site and informing The Last Ancient of such activity.

  • Roleplay
    This Elder will work closely with The Seeker and coordinate roleplay events. They will watch the activity levels of users in the roleplay, and will also be the ones to promote users from Recruit to Familiar. They will be in charge of promoting or demoting users to the levels GREEN, INTERMEDIATE, or VETERAN, with The Seeker as an additional eye. This individual will also choose the next Seeker, should the existing one resign or be removed due to inactivity.

  • News & Events, Contests, Activities
    This Elder will be in charge of posting updates, celebrations (e.g. pack member milestones), and anything else that is not covered by the others. Their main responsibility will be to create and host various contests and activities.

All Elders will work together. If one Elder is away, then the others are encouraged to handle their responsibilities the best that they can.

THE SEEKER - A SEEKER helps to keep other Familiars in line. They are the most seasoned Familiar, and likely have seen many a tiger around the length of the territory. Courageous and wise, seekers serve as good role models for the rest of the pack, and are never shy to part their wisdom unto those eager, or willing, to learn.
Looking for: 1. This is a position as a site moderator.

  • The main purpose of The Seeker is to help coordinate roleplay events and keep track of users' progress in the roleplay. If the Elder who is in charge of the roleplay is on leave, they will be in charge of any roleplay events or roleplay promotions/demotions during that time, and will inform the Elder of any changes when they return. The Seeker should also be familiar with IP addresses.

Rivet wrote:Just as a general question in case it wasn't obvious, but are we allowed to apply for both? Or do we need to pick a specific one to apply for that best suits our talents and desires when the time comes?

That's a great question. I suppose you can try to apply for both, and if you are a good fit for both and make the final round, I'll ask you to pick between the two before I finalize the Council Team. You won't be able to serve both positions though, unfortunately.

Koa wrote:Does seniority matter, since the pack only recently opened?
No. However, I will take heavily into account your posts on the site and any contributions you have made here or on the pack thread on WolfQuest. More involved (not necessarily determined by post count) members have a clear advantage.


[i]Wolf Name:[/i]
[i]WolfQuest Username:[/i]
[i]Your Age:[/i]
[i]General/relevant past experience (internet experiences only, please):[/i]
[i]Past involvement or membership with packs (please list the packs, and explain your involvement):[/i]
[i]Are you familiar with Forumotion?:[/i]
[i]Do you foresee yourself being moderately active in the next few months?:[/i]
[i]Specialty (you must choose at least one. If you are comfortable with another area, or all, please say so.):[/i]
[b]1)[/b] [i]The Last Ancient is away, and you and the other two Elders are all divided on potential courses of action surrounding a user (whether or not to ban, suspend, or ignore them). One of the elders wants to take action immediately, but you're hesitant and your hesitancy only fuels the fire more. No one is compromising. What do you do, and how do you fairly resolve the issue?[/i]
[b]2)[/b] [i]Activity is waning, and your recent contest wasn't much of a success. How would you go about increasing the level of activity again?[/i]
[b]3)[/b] [i]You are in charge of the roleplay. You notice that one member is consistently breaking small rules. Their word count is often low, and they make occasional powerplaying moves, and are sometimes unrealistic. You have publicly reminded them before. The Seeker, however, has not. You have discussed the matter with The Seeker after the initial warning, and they agreed it was a problem. However, the user in question has started not following the rules again, and you wish to demote them from INTERMEDIATE to GREEN level. The Seeker disagrees with you, and says that their native language may be causing the issue. You still believe they need to be demoted. What do you do?[/i]
[b]4)[/b] [i]As someone who manages members, you often are not hesitant to remove members after two weeks of inactivity and a reminder. But now, it is week four, and the member in question this time around is one of your good friends. The Last Ancient is pressuring you to clean up a mass of inactive members (don't worry, there will be others) because you've been[/i] [strike]avoiding it[/strike] [i]slacking off lately. What action will you take?[/i]

[i]Wolf Name:[/i]
[i]WolfQuest Username:[/i]
[i]Your Age:[/i]
[i]General/relevant past experience (internet experiences only, please):[/i]
[i]Past involvement or membership with packs (please list the packs, and explain your involvement):[/i]
[i]Are you familiar with moderating?:[/i]
[i]Do you foresee yourself being moderately active in the next few months?:[/i]
[b]1)[/b] [i]You PM a member to their behavior- their reply is angry and borderline abusive.[/i]
[b]2)[/b] [i]Two members are arguing/insulting in the chat. They do not have a good history with each other. Member 1 is offended because Member 2's character was fairly rude to them in the roleplay. As The Seeker, you witnessed it, and did have a thought of whether or not the jab was more personal and less in-character of Member 2. How do you handle the situation?[/i]
[b]3)[/b] A user has two official warnings. One of the warnings was for a large offense, and the other, small. Their behavior has improved since then, but they occasionally have an attitude. Most recently, they have had an attitude with you in your last conversation in a private message. Would you ignore it, remind them, or ask one of the Elders for a ban? If any course of action, why?
[b]4)[/b] You want a user promoted from Recruit to Familiar, but the Elder disagrees with you, and says they are too new. The user is clearly adept at roleplay, but they only have a few posts in the actual roleplay itself. What do you do?

DEADLINE: July 25th
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